Back to school hairdos – one easy, another more difficult

Less than one week now till the start of school, so here is another set of back to school hairstyles.

All ”half-up-dos” are good for school, as they keep hair out of the face. They also last for a couple of days easily. If you use them for very long hair, and want the hairdo to last over night, it’s best to make a loose braid with the rest of the hair for sleeping, to prevent it from tangling. That also gives nice waves when you open the braid in the morning.

Today, I did two lace braids in the front for my first-grader-to-be. This is an easy to make half-up-do, and OK for shorter or thinner hair as well. Took me about 5 minutes to make:

two lace braids at the frontI made a ponytail at the back to hold a bit over half of her hair out of the way. Next, I used her natural parting and started with the right (longer) side braid. I lace braided by adding hair from the left side only, making a braid very near her face. Then I lace braided the shorter left side braid by adding hair from the right side only. Finally, I undid the ponytail, which was holding back the rest of the hair.

For my older daughter, I made a bit more complicated variation, with little lace braids :

little lace braids half-up-dolittle lace braids half up hairdoThe hardest part here is to divide the hair before braiding, but after that, it isn’t too difficult to make 4 little lace braids on the right and 3 on the left.

This one is great for thick hair. I haven’t made this before, but from similar hairdos, I predict it will last really well for several days, as long as we keep brushing the hair at the back, and tying it back for sleeping.