Beach hair -1

beach hair My criteria for a good beach hairstyle:

– there are no partings, so the scalp doesn’t burn (the girls are not very good at keeping sun hats on)

– the hairdo keeps most hair out of the face (and out of the ice cream)

– it is easy to tie back for diving, jumping and water slides

– it looks pretty

So, I’ve come up with a lot of different hairdos. This one is a lace braid made from one side to another and back. I’ve lace braided the hair from left ear towards the right, picking up thin strands of hair only from the right/top side. When I got as far as picking up hair from near her right ear, I turned and lace braided back towards the left ear, trying to keep as near to the first part of the braid as possible, and only picking up hair from the left/top side (from underneath the first part of the braid).

I made a slightly different version for her little sister:

beach hairlace braid or half french braid

Here I left a little gap between the first and second part of the braid, simply by not pulling the second part so tightly next to the first part. The picture on the right shows how it looked after a lot of swimming and playing at the beach.