Birthday butterfly

I was flicking through braids on Instagram to find something quick and pretty for my daughter’s birthday party, and she spotted the butterfly braid on @abellasbraids. I realized that’s not quick, and on the first attempt, probably not pretty either, but she asked nicely, and it was her birthday… So I decided to try it, and thought, if it takes the whole morning and I don’t have time to clean the house before the party, at least the butterfly on her head will divert the attention.

It took me about 15-20 minutes and I was going back and forth a bit to get the wings to look right… but it turned out alright.

butterfly braid

Here is a link to Abellas Braids tutorial. On the first attempt, it’s not as easy as it seems on the video!!

My daughter loved it! After I finished, my youngest daughter sat on the chair in front of me and said she also wanted a butterfly! I put her hair on a ponytail and put a butterfly hairclip on it, took me 1 minute!


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