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Winter braids

Winter weather and nice hair is quite an impossible combination: any kind of hair do is easily ruined by wearing a hat.

It’s been cold and windy here, and we’ve had some snow, so hats have been on for weeks already. Just having a french braid or two low pig tails is getting a bit boring. So I thought I’d compile some nice braids that will fit under a hat, and won’t get messed up when you put your hat on and take it off.

A good idea is to have a lace braid holding all the hair around the face, these styles will hold well. Here I’ve done one french lace finishing in a french braid at the back and one fishtail lace braid finishing in a fishtail at the back. (The fishtail picture is a bit summery, but works well in winter)

puoliranskalainen ja ranskalainen letti lace braid into fishtail, kalanruotoletti

double scissor waterfall into a fishtail braidI’m really into waterfall braids lately, but they don’t hold that well, especially if you’re wearing a hat! But a nice thing to do is to tie the rest of the hair back, and your waterfall will stay, no matter what the weather:

This one uses the scissor waterfall braid (tutorial by Hair4myPrincess here). I’ve just done two of them on one side, one on the other, and finished with a fishtail. If that’s a bit too much for you, you can do any kind of waterfall and braid the rest of the hair.

fishtail pullback

Finally, all half down braids look good with a hat, and if the top part is strong enough, the hat won’t ruin it. So single or double lace braids work well. This one is two fishtail braids, but works just as well with normal 3- or 4-strand braids.

Finnish hair – not so blond

ladderbraid updo braided hairstyle(Scroll down for English version)

Olen vihdoin toipunut viime viikonlopun urakasta. Olin messukeskuksessa letittelemässä: yli 100 kampausta 3 päivän aikana! Teimme yhteistyötä Nordic Beauty Importin kanssa, eli minä letittelin Tangle Teezerin tai Invisibobblen ostajia ja samalla markkinoin vähän itseäni.

Oli ihana tehdä lettejä kaiken pituisiin, värisiin ja paksuisiin hiuksiin. Erilaisia hiuslaatuja todellakin riitti, stereotyyppisiä vaaleita ohuita suomalaispäitä oli paljon vähemmän kuin odotin!

knotted braid, half-updo frenchbraid into a bun, braided hairstyle

lace braid, rosette, short hair, pink hair micro braids, lace braids, zigzag braid

I have finally recovered from last weekend. I did over 100 hairdos in 3 days at the I Love Me fair in Helsinki. I was working with Nordic Beauty Import: promoting my new business and also braiding all those who bought a Tangle Teezer or Invisibobbles.

I really enjoyed working with all types of hair: long, short, thin, thick, and all possible colours. There were loads of different types of hair, really challenging the thin blond Finnish stereotype!

Jenni’s daughters have always got a good hairday (even on school days)

I used to do school hair on the night before, and will probably get back to that when the mornings get darker and getting up gets harder, but at the moment I’m trying to send the girls to school with good looking braids. There was an article about me and my braiding in Nyt.fi (national news paper’s web site), which said ”Jenni’s daughters have always got a good hairday”, so I’m trying to live up to my reputation now 🙂

arrowhead braid, back-to-school styleWe’ve been trying to get into the rhythm of school mornings for nearly two weeks now. Last week, we did 5-minute braids in the morning, but had no time for photos. This week we’ve done a bit better, and managed to squeeze in extra 2 minutes for braid photos! So, now I can share some of my quick school morning braids:

First, the arrowhead braid by Hair 4 My Princess. Such an easy and quick style, but looks a bit different. Find a video tutorial here. This one stayed quite well, but I think it’s only because her hair is so long!

carousel braid, lace braid, back-to-school hairAnother quick, but impressive braid is the carousel braid. Find a tutorial by Cute Girls Hairstyles for this one here.

This was perfect for my 5-year-old, as she’s been asking to have ”normal braids” for school… so a ponytail is fairly normal…

lace braids, french braids, back-to-school hairThe next one looks more complicated than it is. The hairstyles, where you don’t need to make partings or have it symmetrical, are generally quicker. This honestly took me 5 minutes. It is just a combination of lace braids and french braids, which I made up as I went.

And finally, this morning I did another complicated looking braid, which is fairly OK to make, as it doesn’t require partings or symmetry. This one is a combination of feather braid and french braid, and took me just over 5 minutes, but I have to admit, you need some practice for this one!

feather braid, ladder braid, lace braid,

Hair for weddings

Those of you who follow my Instagram or Facebook page know, that I was doing a lot of hairdos for a wedding last Saturday. Today, I was planning hairstyles for next Saturday’s wedding. Such an honour to be asked to do some wedding styles, so I thought I’d share last weekend’s styles with you.

corset braid on flower girlFirst of all, I had the honour of styling the two little flower girls’ hair for my cousin’s wedding. They have very thin and curly hair, but the older girl’s hair is quite long. I did two dutch braids with a ribbon for her, and let the end of the braid just curl nicely. This lasted really well and still looked good after running in some fields, dancing and playing. For the younger flower girl, I made a hair clip bow with the same green ribbon. It looked cute until she pulled it out, but it lasted fairly long!

Other than the flower girls, I did three adult’s hair: two lace braid hairdos, one of which I finished with a ponytail and a bow, and the other one as a rolled bun and a flower. The third adult hairdo was a starburst bun on some lovely pink hair:

two lace braids into a ponytaillace rolled updofrench braided starburst bun With adult hairdos, it’s important to do something that the model is comfortable with. All these three were very happy with their braids, so I thought they were a success.

And finally, of course, I did my own three daughters. The older two told me exactly what they wanted, and my youngest one hates her hair on her face, so I chose a style that would keep her hair out of the way for the whole party:

double french braid bunheart braid lace braid half up dofeather braid into two french braids

So last weekend was kind of a practise run: next saturday I’m doing three bridesmaids hair! We did some trial hair today, so it should be fairly easy, but as it is the bridesmaids, I think there will be more pressure!

And just to add some extra pressure: I will be doing the bridesmaids in the morning before working at a kids’ festival, doing braids… that will be about 6 hours of braiding all together! I think my fingers will be hurting 🙂

Easy DIY styles

ponytail, easy summer hair style. DIY hairstyleBraiding your own hair requires a bit of arm strength, and longer hair than mine is at the moment. But with some practise, you can do quite a lot more than just a ponytail in your own hair.

I know there are lots of braiders who can do absolutely anything in their own hair. But I’ll try to share some styles that I think are doable for the average braider…

So to start with, you can just spice up a normal ponytail. For example, you can hide the elastic by wrapping strand of hair around it, and pulling the end of the strand through the ponytail with a tool called ’topsy tail’. You can get topsy tails from hair accessory stores, but before I found one, I made one out of knitting needles!

bubble braidOnce you’ve mastered this style, you can try a bubble ponytail, either like the one here, which I’ve done on my youngest daughter, or you can just do a simple ponytail with bubbles. Each bubble is first secured with an elastic, and then the elastic is covered with a strand of hair. Perfect as a do-it-yourself hairstyle, as every time you attach an elastic, you can rest your arms a bit before the next step! See also my infinity braid into bubble ponytail here .

Another easy way to make your hairstyle more interesting is rosettes. You make them by taking a strand of hair, doing a normal 3 strand braid, rolling it up and attaching with a bobby pin or two.

And if you are a bit more experienced braider, you can ’pancake’ (i.e. pull each stitch a bit loose) one side of the 3-strand braid to make the rosette look more like a flower. Here are couple of examples:

Ponytail with a flower, roselace braid, rose braid, flower braid


All of these are nice summer styles and stay quite well, so now just get practising everyone!







Memories of the Carribbean

We are finally settling in our new home in Finland. I didn’t have a chance to blog while we were travelling, as I only had my mobile… My Instagram followers have seen more than enough of my ”travel braids” as I posted at least one braid from each country we went to. So now for those, who are not on Instagram: I’ll show you a few favourites from our Carribean trip.

First, we went to Jamaica. It was amazing. We all agree that out of all the countries we went to, Jamaica was our favourite. The people we super nice, food was good, atmosphere, music, weather, the sea… everything.

There were braiders everywhere! And so many amazing braids! When we first got out the plane, my 5-year old said ”mummy, everyone here has much nicer braids than what you make!”… So, I took it as a challenge, and this was the first morning in Jamaica:

Interlocking french braids, french braid feather braid combo

I got so many compliments for this and other braids throughout the 2 weeks in Jamaica, I even got job offers from the local braid-salons! Really felt that my work was appreciated in Jamaica 🙂

Next, we went on a Caribbean cruise visiting six of the Eastern Caribbean Islands. On each island we did a little trip to a beach, did some snorkeling or just relaxed and went swimming. The braids were always destroyed in the end of the day from all the seawater, so perfect excuse to do new braids every day. Here are some of my favourites (snake braid in St. Kitts, rope braid in Antigua and fishtail-french braid in St. Lucia):
Snake braid on a beach in St. Kitts rope lace braid into rope braid ponytail french feather braids into a fishtail braid

After the cruise we went to Mexico, where I’ve always wanted to visit. It was really interesting with all the history, Mayan ruins etc. and of course Mexican food, one of my favourite cuisines!

Again, we swam a lot, so needed to re-do the braids all the time. I was trying to decide which photo to put here, and then found this:
french braid

This braid was done by my husband. He was complaining he never gets any braiding practice anymore, as I always do the hair! So he came up with this braid, which I thought was beautiful!!

But that’s enough from our holiday (I might do another post with a bit more, but if I add it here it will be too long!)… I hope I’m better at blogging regularly now that we finally have a home again!



Valentine’s day braids

I thought I’d show you some of my heart braids for Valentine’s day. These are impressive to the normal people, we always get lots of comments when we do something like this… but in the braiding world they are just average!

First, a couple that I did a year and a half ago, when I was first starting to get into creative braiding – a dutch lace braid heart, and some Cutegirlshairstyles heart-pigtails.

dutch lacebraid heart heart pigtails 

In the last couple of weeks I have made some new heart designs: a french braid with 3 hearts on it on my oldest daughter, a double heart braid on my 5-year-old, and a ribbon heart braid on my smallest one.

Mini heart braids on a french braid Heart braid french braid ponytail

Heart braid, dutch lace braid with ribbon, valentine's hairstyleThe girls absolutely love these heart braids. My favorite is probably the double heart, as it stayed in shape, and held all the hair in place the longest.

I need to come up with one more tomorrow, as my middle daughter has a Valentine’s day party to go to!


More frozen hairstyles

A few days after the Elsa hairdos on my oldest daughter, the little sisters wanted braids from Disney’s Frozen as well. So here are the two hairstyles of Anna and also a young Elsa:

Disney's Frozen: 2 hairstyles of Anna The Anna hairdos were difficult as my middle daughter has very thin, fine and slippery hair, lots of baby hair, and the colour is completely different from Anna’s hair. But she was very happy with the hairdos herself, which is the main thing.

I found quite a few tutorials on You Tube for the one on the right, but did it a little bit differently myself. I thought the braided headband needed to be as thick as possible, so I did partly a 3-strand braid, but on the top of her forehead I did some stitches of dutch lace braid to add hair to the braid and make it long enough.

Here is a link to a tutorial done by Hair 4 My Princess: Anna’s Coronation bun

Braid inspired by young Elsa's hair in Disney's frozen My youngest daughter got a braid inspired by the young Elsa in the film.

For this one, I put a sparkly elastic headband on her, leaving some hair in front, then made a loose french braid partly over the headband.

After we took the picture, she wanted to take the headband off, so we had to undo the braid to get it out!

And for those, who aren’t familiar with these Disney Princesses, here are pictures of Anna and young Elsa:

Disney Frozen: Anna hairDisney's Frozen: Young Elsa



Braided tiara

I am so excited to have won my first ever braiding competition!!! Katie @abellasbraids on Instagram had a contest, so I entered a few of my braids. There were over 500 entries in the intermediate category, and all of the braids were amazing! I never thought I’d have a chance. Go and check out #abellasbraidsintermediate on Instagram to see all the incredible hairstyles in the competition. Here is my winning braided tiara, which I did on my daughter for her good friend’s birthday party:

braided tiara  with no heat waves

In the last few hours I have been asked so many times about this braid, that I thought it is easiest to do a blog post to try to explain it.

Many thought that it is some kind of a feather braid, and I think a feather braid would have been a good idea if I knew what I was doing when I started. But I made up the braid as I braided…

I started by making 5 mini braids (just normal 3 strand braids) in a line in the middle of her head from ear to ear.

Next, I started a lace braid headband from the right ear, and every time when I got to a mini braid, I pulled it to the front (face side) and braided the lace braid over it. And when the mini braids made a nice size loop, I braided them into the lace braid.

Finally, I was not happy with how the back of the lace braid looked like, so I started another mini braid near the right ear. I pulled it through the main braid, braided a little bit and attached it to the back of the headband by doing a stitch of lace braiding, pulled it through the main braid again etc.  And finished by attaching everything together.

Here are a few pictures to show different sides of the hairdo:

Braided tiara

I am so honored to have won the competition. Abella’s Braids has been my biggest inspiration lately. Katie does amazing braids, and I’m a super fan, so it really means a lot to me! Go and check her out on Instagram, Youtube and her blog: http://www.abellasbraids.com/

And of course, if you haven’t already, go and check out @jennishairdays on Instagram!


Christmas parties

Been busy with all the December happenings… Here are a few hairstyles we’ve done for various Christmas parties.

First, there was a party where we were going to by car, and it was indoors, so we could do almost anything with the hair.

When I said I’d do any hairstyle they wanted, my middle daughter instantly requested the butterfly braid. For my oldest girl, I did a ladder braid, and my smallest had a braided headband with some curls from the previous braid.

Butterfly lacebraid bun ladder braid, no heat curls, butterfly bun

The next party was a bit trickier. The girls were going to do a little song and dance performance with santa hats on. So the hairdo had to look nice even with a hat on… So these chinese ladder braids were quite good for that: they looked nice even when most of the head was under the hat, and were a bit more interesting than normal braids:

two chinese ladder braids

This morning was the last of the Christmas events: the Christmas Carols at the school. It was outside, and the girls were going to school first, so potential for messing up any hairdo before the event. It was also cold and wet, so hats on, and no curls… And an early morning, so no time for hair in the morning!

For my 1st grader, I just did some tight french braids last night. For the 4th grader, I found a nice hairdo from @abellasbraids on Instagram: two dutch braid headbands into pigtails and then making mini twists with the hair in the pigtails. This was easy, but a bit time consuming to make, and lasted really well.

The first picture below was taken last night, and the second one this morning after she slept with the braids.

two dutch braid headbands into pigtails and mini twists two dutch braid headbands into pigtails and mini twists