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Flower buns without bobby pins

Side flower bun

I was playing with the girls’ hair the other day, and came up with this side flower bun. Normally flower buns require bobby bins, which come off easily if swimming, running or playing… and we were going to the pool! So I thought of a way of avoiding bobby bins and still making the hairdo last:

side flower bun tutorialTo start with, I did a little side ponytail on the right side of my daughter’s head, leaving some hair loose on all sides of the ponytail. Next, I lace braided (french braid, but only picking up hair from the right side) the hair form left to right and under and around the little ponytail.

Then I opened the ponytail and lace braided around until I had picked up all the hair in the middle (about two circles)

I finished the braid by doing a normal braid.

Next, I tugged the braid through the middle of the ”flower”, and re-did the pink hairband as high as possible, so that it hides under the flower braid.

This hairdo lasted through swimming and she slept with it, and it still looked nice the next day. So I tried a variation with two flowers, or more like spirals, on the little sisters:

DSC_1197Flower braids without bobby pinsSpiral braids without bobby pins

The younger girls have much thinner hair, so the braids didn’t look that much like flowers, so I added some spiral flower hairpins on the little one’s braids.

Even though they didn’t look like flowers, they still looked pretty, lasted long, and got lots of compliments from complete strangers

More braided headbands

lace braid headbandCouple of weeks ago I showed you how to do a french braid headband. This lace braid headband is a bit more original, but in my opinion, easier to make and nicer looking. If you want to try it, there are just two easy steps:

First, put most of the hair onto a normal ponytail, but leave loose a few cm wide strip of hair in the front from ear to ear.

Then, make a lace braid from one ear to another: as a french braid, but only pick up hair from the side of the face. Open the pony tail, and that’s it.

I think this looks nicer than the french braid headband as you can’t see a parting at the back of the headband. Also, this is excellent in the summer, as she won’t get a line of sunburn at the back of the headband. And for some reason, this holds better and longer than the french braid headband.

Next, you can try a double lace braid headband, which is the same as above, but just do it twice. And if you want another variation, you can simply add a pretty headband between the two braided headbands.

double lace braid headbandDSC_1015

I love all of these, as they last long, and if you want to keep it for a few days, you can change it slightly by tying the rest of the hair on a ponytail or braiding it.

Nicole’s Cannes festival hair

My friend sent me some pictures of Nicole Kidman’s hair at Cannes Festival. I had to try it straight away. So, Nicole on the left, and my 4-year-old on the right:

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 10.23.22 AM

I know it’s not the same, but my daughter thought the hairdo looked too messy, and I couldn’t get her to sit down for braiding before I promised not to do such a messy braid! So my version is more kid-friendly… I would love to try this on an adult!

If you want to try this, start by making a little ponytail in the middle of the head, then lace braiding across the head and around the ponytail. Next, undo the ponytail and keep lace braiding around until you run out of hair to pick up. Then finish with a normal braid and bobby pin it in a spiral.

Rapunzel ponytail

My way to relax on a sunday morning is to make a nice cup of coffee, turn on the kids’ favorite cartoons, and try some new hairdos on the girls. I saw a picture of a pretty lace braid ponytail on Pinterest the other day, and here is my version of it:

DSC_0928lacebraid ponytail

I did a lace braid headband to start, but you could leave it out and just do a normal ponytail. Then I lace braided around and around until I ran out of hair. This part requires some practice on basic lace braids (i.e. a french braid, but just picking up hair from one side), and some finger flexibility.

The girls loved it and said it looks like Rapunzel-hair!

Need more than two hands for this

I thought the ladder braid looked a bit funny with the parting on the side. So I tried it on my two eldest girls a few times on different sides with and without a parting… After playing with it for a while, I came up with a braid that I really liked, and this one lasted longer than any of the other variations:

DSC_0402 DSC_0401

I made two ladder braids starting from different sides and combined them in the middle. When I got to the middle, keeping hold of both sides of the ”ladder” was impossible, so I had to scream for help at this point. My husband held the bottom parts of the ladders while I combined the top parts.

I clearly need a bit more practice!

Ladder braid

ladder braid

Once you have mastered the waterfall braid and are annoyed that you can’t get it to last on the younger children, you can learn this. The ”ladder braid” keeps much better than the waterfall, and looks really impressive as well.

It looks complicated, but you’ll get there with a little bit of patience and practice. This one is my 4-year old daughter, who has a lot of fine baby hair on the sides of her face, but the braid managed to hold the hair. As we rarely have time for hair braiding in the morning, this braid was made in the evening, but looked great the next morning and throughout the day… and for her gymnastics class we tied all the hair together with the braid into a side ponytail.

Again, this is best taught by Mindy from Cute Girls Hairstyles… Find the link to the tutorial here: ladder braid tutorial

And here is another one I made, as I was not happy with the parting at the front:

ladder braid

Zigzag braid

We went to a party on saturday. I knew the kids would be running around a lot, so wanted a lasting hairstyle. I could have opted for normal french braids, which are always an easy option, but wanted something a bit more interesting. So I did this ”lace braid zigzag”. I haven’t seen a hair tutorial for this, so I’ve included some step-by-step pictures.


. I started by taking 3 strands of hair from were her parting normally is. Then started to braid towards her left ear, picking up a little bit of hair from the left as I went.

2. It’s as if making a french braid, but not taking any hair when I put the right side strand to the middle, only adding hair when I put the left side branch to the middle.


3. When I got to her ear, I turned and started braiding towards her right ear, picking up hair only from the right.

4.  Then I braided until the right ear. After this I turned again.


After braiding all the way to her left ear, picking up hair from the left, I finished by french braiding the rest of the hair (so taking hair from both sides and picking up all the rest of her hair).

If you get interrupted, or realize half way through that the braiding is taking much more time than you thought, you can finish before the first turn and leave the rest of the hair hanging down, or you can finish after the second layer (picture 4). So quite a good option if you have other kids running around, or her favorite tv programme finishes, and she won’t sit still any more.

This hairdo lasted really well:


These pictures were taken the next day, after the party and one night’s sleep and three hours at a climbing wall plus a bit of rollerblading! The only problem with the hairdo was that she could not fit a helmet over it when rollerblading!

For my tutorial on lace braids (or half french braid), click here.

School photos

It was school photos last week. Quite tricky as most beautiful braids look great from the side or back, but quite dull from the front. Also, you send the girl to school with a nice hair do, but never know what happens before the photo.

Luckily it was not raining or windy, but it was a Thursday. They have a sports class on Thursdays. So, if the photo was after the sports class, she would be pulling her clothes off, pulling her sport’s top on and then off and clothes on again, great potential for messing her hair up completely! And for an extra twist, she requested curls. Oh, and it was a Thursday… the little sisters go to kindergarten on Thursday mornings, so we struggle to get everyone out the door on time in the best of times. So this was our solution:


I’ve concluded that ”half up dos” are best for school photos: no matter which way she tilts her head, some of her hair will show in the picture. The ”half up do” is also good when you make curls by braiding the hair, as there is always straight hair on the top of the head: the little braid will hide it.

So, the night before, we did two loose french braids to get the curls. Then, in the morning we opened the french braids and did a ”side lace braid”. The lace braid is really easy and holds the hair really well. You make it like a french braid but only pick up hair from on side.

This picture was taken AFTER school, and it still looks great. I haven’t seen the school pictures yet, but I think hair-wise, it was a success.