French braid bun

How to do a french braid bun: step-by-step pictures

I finally got around doing a step-by-step picture tutorial on the french braid bun, which I promised about a month ago. I’ve been so busy with all the Christmas stuff and skiing, that I haven’t done much blogging lately!

Anyway, here it is.

First, make a ponytail in the middle of the head using a thick hairband.

Next, make another ponytail with all the rest of the hair around the original ponytail.

Then start french braiding taking hair from the little ponytail and from the outer ponytail.

Make a loose french braid all the way around, using all the hair, and finish with a normal three strand braid.

Finally, tug the braid inside the loose french braid, wrap the rest of it around and use bobby pins to make the bun tighter and tidier.

I did this pictorial on my 5-year-old. She has quite thin hair, so using a bun-maker instead of a thick hairband would have been a good idea.

I’ve done the same hairdo on my older daughter quite  few times, and it looks quite different because of her thick hair.

She has had her hair on a french braid bun for ballet quite a few times, and it really holds well, and looks pretty:

Frenchbraid bun