Halloween hair

If you’re looking for some scary ideas for Halloween, here’s a great Halloween hairstyle I made today, plus a few from last year…

Spider braid for halloween The spider braid is easy but a bit time-consuming. First, you need to make a half ponytail. Next, with the hair in the half ponytail, make 8 small braids where one of the strands is partly hair, partly pipe cleaner. Then just twist the 8 braids into a ball, leaving enough braid at the end to make the legs. Use some elastics or boppy pins to keep the spider’s body in pace.

After I made this for my middle daughter, my eldest one demanded a bat braid… If you have any ideas of how to make a bat out of hair, please let me know! Might have to wait until next year…

Last year my middle daughter was a witch for Halloween… Witch hair is always easy: just tease the hair into a big mess, and that’s it!

Witch hair for Halloween

My oldest daughter dressed up as a crow. Apart form her blondest of blonds hair, crow hair was also quite easy: I made a messy bun and stuck some black feathers in it:

Messy bun with feathers for a crow costume at halloween

And last, but not least, last year’s picture of a little black cat. She was under two years old, and had very little hair to work with, but I managed to braid some pipe cleaner into her hair and twist the braids into cat ears:

Black cat for halloween. Cat ears braided with pipe cleaners


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