Lace braid tutorial for beginners

Here is a tutorial for a basic lace braid. You can do a million variations of the lace braid, but this is how to do the very basic one.


lace braid down the side of the headWe did the video with my middle daughter, who has very long hair, but here is a picture of my smallest one when she was only 20 months old, and had very little hair.

Once you’ve practised the basic lace braid, you can easily do a lace braid headband by taking hair from around the face, or a headband by taking hair from the middle of the head and braiding around the face.

You can use the lace braid for a flower bun or two, a zig zag braid or a spiral. Or do a ponytail starting with a lace braid.

And once you are confident doing the lace braid, you can move onto the ladder braid

The possibilities are endless!

Update 16.12.2013:

I did another tutorial on the basic lace braid, but this time, instead of going from front to back, I did two little braids around the face. You could do the same with just one braid from one ear to the other to get a lace braid headband.