Second day hairdos

When you’ve made some lovely braids, it’s nice to keep them for a couple of days to make it worth the effort. You can often get a whole new hairdo in minutes (in case you think, having the same braid for many days is boring), by changing the hairstyle a little bit or by adding to it.

Here is what we did with yesterday’s half-up-hairdos. Two lace braids into a french braid (on the left), and lots of mini lace braids into a french braid (on the right):

two lace braids into a french braid second day hairdo: mini lace braids into a french braid

See yesterday’s braids here.

All I’ve done, is to french braid the hair hanging at the back of yesterday’s half-up-dos, also adding the little lace braids into the french braid. This gave a whole new look with two minutes of braiding, and makes the hairdo last longer, as the hair at the back doesn’t tangle. It’s also an excellent trick to make any half-up hairdo into a sports-hairdo.