Some hairdos get better with time

two lace braids get better with time

You want this look? Make a tight braid, jump into a swimming pool, go down a water slide, sleep couple of nights and add a bit of sun screen.

Sometimes the hairdos get a nice look after a couple of days. This one looks like I’ve intentionally made loose curves under the braid and managed to get them symmetrical!

For this next one, my cousin was practising to do lace braids. At first it looked exactly like that: someone practised doing lace braids. But again a combination of swimming, playing, wind and sun screen, and a couple of nights sleep transformed the hairstyle into a nice loose braid at the back:

lace braid hairdo after a few days

And finally, I braided my sisters hair before a camping trip. Pool water, river water, wind and sleeping in a sleeping bag for a weekend, and it ended up like this:

 two lace braids into single braid