Avainsana: 5-strand french braid

Korjaamo Christmas Market

lettikampaus, juhlaletti

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Jos jouluostoksesi ovat vielä kesken, tai haluat muuten vaan nauttia joulutunnelmasta, tule viikonloppuna Korjaamon Joulumarkkinoille (la-su kello 11-17). Teen lettejä ja lettikampauksia sekä lapsille että aikuisille kumpanakin päivänä. Voit myös ostaa lahjakortteja joko lettikampaukseen tai lettikurssille.

Samassa markkinapöydässä kanssani ovat kaksi kuvittajaa, Maija Hurme ja Emmi Jormalainen, myymässä kuvittamiaan kirjoja (erinomainen lahjaidea), kortteja, julisteita, tarroja ja näitä ihania lahjapapereita:

lahjapaperit by Maija Hurme lahjapaperi by Emmi Jormalainen


letit joulukampausIf you still haven’t done all your Christmas shopping, or you just want to get into the Christmas mood, come along to Korjaamo Culture Factory this weekend. The Christmas Market will be open 11-17 both Saturday and Sunday. I will be there the whole time, braiding both children and adults. You can also buy gift vouchers for braiding courses or individual hairdos.

I share my table with two illustrators: Maija Hurme and Emmi Jormalainen. They will be selling their books (excellent idea for a present), cards, posters, stickers and these lovely wrapping papers:

lahjapaperit by Maija Hurme lahjapaperi by Emmi Jormalainen

Challenge 2: multiple strands

I always thought you’d need more than 2 hands for more than 4-strand braiding. But I’ve seen so many pictures of 5, 6, 7 and more strands in a that I started to think it must be possible.

So I started to practise. Now I can do up to 6 strands french braid, dutch braid and lace braid.

two four strand french braids into a cheat's 9-strand braid

Here are some examples:

These are two 4-strand braids finishing in a ”cheat’s 9-strand braid”. That means I left a thin strand of hair out in the nape of her neck, then looped that through the two 4 strand braids, combining them into a 4+1+4= 9-strand braid.

(By the way, this is my youngest daughter, who just turned 3, and who’s hair is getting very long and increasingly braidable)

5-strand mermaid braid half-up-do


The next one is a 5-strand ”mermaid” braid.

I’ve promised to make a tutorial for this one, but at the moment we are so busy with an upcoming house move, that I barely have time for photos, never mind videos (but I’ll always have time for braiding).

Finally, my first (and so far only) attempt at a 7-strand french braid. Very messy and uneven, and still my fingers were nearly on a knot after this, so I just have to carry on practising!

My first attempt at a 7-strand french braid


At least the hair looked nice

A few minor back-to-school disasters yesterday: had one girl there at the wrong time (luckily too early), forgot their snack boxes (saved by husband who ran back home for them), forgot quite a few items from the list to bring to school, and in the evening, tried to cover the notebooks with plastic, and got it all wrinkled. And after all that, I had another accident with not reading the label on my hair wax and makeup remover containers, this time with waxy eyes! Clearly too tired after the first day!

But the main thing was: they both enjoyed school very much AND their hair looked nice 🙂 :

two dutch lace braids back to school hairfrench braids made with five strands, back-to-school-hair

The first one of these is very easy, and could even do it in the morning (but we did all the hair the night before). It’s two little dutch lace braids. That’s a lace braid, but  instead of moving hair strands form the side over to the middle, you move from the side UNDER to the middle. So like an inverted braid.

The second one is more tricky, and requires some practice. I’ve made two french braids, but with 5 strands instead of 3. I did this first time about a week ago and ended up with loose braids that fell apart, but after trying a few times, I’ve mastered the 5-strand french braiding. You might want to start with making simple braids with 5 strands first (here is a link to a tutorial on a simple 5 strand braid, which I found on YouTube).