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Hair for special occasions / Juhlakampauksia

(Suomeksi alla)

I’ve been asked to do a lot of braids for all kinds of parties from weddings to school reunions. I thought I’d compile some of my favourite hairdos for special occasions.

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Ladder braid updos look great, and there are a million variations. Here, couple of quick ones from last summer:

ladderbraid updo tikapuuletti juhlakampaus lettikampaus ladderbraid updo tikapuuletti juhlakampaus lettikampaus

Intricate braids take a lot more time, but are beautiful and eye-catching:

juhlakampaus letikampaus honeycomb headband microbraid waterfall updo miniletti putouskampaus

Accessories can turn any hairdo a bit fancier. Few days ago I did a normal 4-strand with pearls:

neliosioletti helmiletti juhlaletti

And last but not least, my favourite hairdo, that will work on almost any type of hair: double starburst bun. Here I’ve done it on 1) long & thick hair, 2) mid-length & fairly thin and 3)  short & thin hair. Always looks beautiful.

lettikampaus juhlakampaus double french french braid bun juhlakampaus lettikampaus


Olen tehnyt paljon kampauksia erilaisiin juhliin ja tilaisuuksiin ja ajattelin koota tänne omat juhlakampaussuosikkini.

Jos ihastut näihin ja mietit lahjaideaa pääkaupunkiseudulla asuvalle ystävälle tai sukulaiselle, niin nettikaupastani löytyy kampauslahjakortteja.

Tikapuuleteistä saa monia erilaisia kampauksia, tässä pari pikakampausta viime kesältä:

ladderbraid updo tikapuuletti juhlakampaus lettikampaus ladderbraid updo tikapuuletti juhlakampaus lettikampaus

Letit, joissa on pieniä yksityiskohtia, ovat hienoja, mutta niiden näpertämiseen menee hieman enemmän aikaa:

juhlakampaus letikampaus honeycomb headband microbraid waterfall updo miniletti putouskampaus

Korut, nauhat ja muut koristeet tekevät normaalistakin letitstä juhlallisen. Tein viikonloppuna neliosioisen helmiletin, josta tuli oikein kaunis:

neliosioletti helmiletti juhlaletti

Ja lopulta oma suosikkini, joka onnistuu lähes millaiseen hiustyyppiin vain: tuplakukkanuttura. Tässä olen tehnyt saman kampauksen ensin paksuun ja pitkään tukkaan, sitten keskipitkään ja hieman ohuempaan ja lopuksi lyhyeen ja ohueen tukkaan. Tämä näyttää aina juhlavalta.

lettikampaus juhlakampaus double french french braid bun juhlakampaus lettikampaus

Braided tiara

I am so excited to have won my first ever braiding competition!!! Katie @abellasbraids on Instagram had a contest, so I entered a few of my braids. There were over 500 entries in the intermediate category, and all of the braids were amazing! I never thought I’d have a chance. Go and check out #abellasbraidsintermediate on Instagram to see all the incredible hairstyles in the competition. Here is my winning braided tiara, which I did on my daughter for her good friend’s birthday party:

braided tiara  with no heat waves

In the last few hours I have been asked so many times about this braid, that I thought it is easiest to do a blog post to try to explain it.

Many thought that it is some kind of a feather braid, and I think a feather braid would have been a good idea if I knew what I was doing when I started. But I made up the braid as I braided…

I started by making 5 mini braids (just normal 3 strand braids) in a line in the middle of her head from ear to ear.

Next, I started a lace braid headband from the right ear, and every time when I got to a mini braid, I pulled it to the front (face side) and braided the lace braid over it. And when the mini braids made a nice size loop, I braided them into the lace braid.

Finally, I was not happy with how the back of the lace braid looked like, so I started another mini braid near the right ear. I pulled it through the main braid, braided a little bit and attached it to the back of the headband by doing a stitch of lace braiding, pulled it through the main braid again etc.  And finished by attaching everything together.

Here are a few pictures to show different sides of the hairdo:

Braided tiara

I am so honored to have won the competition. Abella’s Braids has been my biggest inspiration lately. Katie does amazing braids, and I’m a super fan, so it really means a lot to me! Go and check her out on Instagram, Youtube and her blog: http://www.abellasbraids.com/

And of course, if you haven’t already, go and check out @jennishairdays on Instagram!


Christmas parties

Been busy with all the December happenings… Here are a few hairstyles we’ve done for various Christmas parties.

First, there was a party where we were going to by car, and it was indoors, so we could do almost anything with the hair.

When I said I’d do any hairstyle they wanted, my middle daughter instantly requested the butterfly braid. For my oldest girl, I did a ladder braid, and my smallest had a braided headband with some curls from the previous braid.

Butterfly lacebraid bun ladder braid, no heat curls, butterfly bun

The next party was a bit trickier. The girls were going to do a little song and dance performance with santa hats on. So the hairdo had to look nice even with a hat on… So these chinese ladder braids were quite good for that: they looked nice even when most of the head was under the hat, and were a bit more interesting than normal braids:

two chinese ladder braids

This morning was the last of the Christmas events: the Christmas Carols at the school. It was outside, and the girls were going to school first, so potential for messing up any hairdo before the event. It was also cold and wet, so hats on, and no curls… And an early morning, so no time for hair in the morning!

For my 1st grader, I just did some tight french braids last night. For the 4th grader, I found a nice hairdo from @abellasbraids on Instagram: two dutch braid headbands into pigtails and then making mini twists with the hair in the pigtails. This was easy, but a bit time consuming to make, and lasted really well.

The first picture below was taken last night, and the second one this morning after she slept with the braids.

two dutch braid headbands into pigtails and mini twists two dutch braid headbands into pigtails and mini twists