Avainsana: bubble pony tail

Easy DIY styles

ponytail, easy summer hair style. DIY hairstyleBraiding your own hair requires a bit of arm strength, and longer hair than mine is at the moment. But with some practise, you can do quite a lot more than just a ponytail in your own hair.

I know there are lots of braiders who can do absolutely anything in their own hair. But I’ll try to share some styles that I think are doable for the average braider…

So to start with, you can just spice up a normal ponytail. For example, you can hide the elastic by wrapping strand of hair around it, and pulling the end of the strand through the ponytail with a tool called ’topsy tail’. You can get topsy tails from hair accessory stores, but before I found one, I made one out of knitting needles!

bubble braidOnce you’ve mastered this style, you can try a bubble ponytail, either like the one here, which I’ve done on my youngest daughter, or you can just do a simple ponytail with bubbles. Each bubble is first secured with an elastic, and then the elastic is covered with a strand of hair. Perfect as a do-it-yourself hairstyle, as every time you attach an elastic, you can rest your arms a bit before the next step! See also my infinity braid into bubble ponytail here .

Another easy way to make your hairstyle more interesting is rosettes. You make them by taking a strand of hair, doing a normal 3 strand braid, rolling it up and attaching with a bobby pin or two.

And if you are a bit more experienced braider, you can ’pancake’ (i.e. pull each stitch a bit loose) one side of the 3-strand braid to make the rosette look more like a flower. Here are couple of examples:

Ponytail with a flower, roselace braid, rose braid, flower braid


All of these are nice summer styles and stay quite well, so now just get practising everyone!







Something different

Normally I can look at a braid and figure out how it’s been done. But sometimes I have no clue.

Suspended Infinity braid into a ponytailA few months ago I saw this braid, which looked different from the normal french and dutch braids, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t see how it had been done. Luckily HairAndNailsInspiration had done a YouTube tutorial (link here), so I could try it.

This was my first attempt, and it was quite difficult. I thought you definitely need more than two hands, so I did it on my oldest daughter, who was holding strands of hair when needed.

A few days ago I decided to try it on my middle daughter, who wouldn’t help by holding strands of hair for me… Surprisingly, it still worked out fine:

Suspended infinity braid into a bubble ponytail

PS. Sorry for not posting for a while. We are in the middle of organising our house move. Will be moving out of our apartment next week, then traveling for two months and finally relocating to Finland in the summer. So please bear with me for the next few months, I will try to do some posts while we are travelling, but not sure about the wifi connections in all the places we are going.

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