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Viikonlopun hiushommia

Viikonloppu on ollut täynnä letitystä. Eilen olin Forssassa Naistenpäivätapahtumassa, jossa tein lettejä ja lettikampauksia: sain letittää aikuisille ja lapsille, pitkiä ja lyhyempiäkin hiuksia, kiharia, suoria, paksuja, ohuita… Nautin tällaisista tapahtumista, kun itselle tulee hyvä mieli siitä, että saa niin monen muun hyvälle mielelle! Kyllä kaunis letti tekee ihmeitä!

Tänään letittely jatkui: sain tehdä yhden rippikampauksen ja yhden letin syntymäpäiväjuhlille. Kun pääsin kotiin tyttöjeni kanssa, rentouduimme katselemalla lettikuvia ja kokeilemalla uusia kampauksia.

Muissa letittelyissä oli sen verra kiire, etten kuvannut hiuksia, mutta kotona tehdyt kampaukset saimme ikuistettua:


Keskimmäiselle tytölleni tein nuttura-mohikaanin. Siihen löytyy tutoriaali täältä: Jill Ehat’s Flower Bun Hawk

5-strand ribbon dutch braid

Vanhin tyttäreni sai 5-osaisen hollantilaisen letin, jossa kahden väristä nauhaa.

Kun nuorin tyttöni sanoi, että olisi mielellään eilisellä letillä, olin minäkin jo saanut tarpeekseni tälle viikonlopulle ja sovittiin, että huomenna sitten lisää!


Just quickly in English:

I’ve been super busy braiding all weekend: a Women’s day event yesterday with 5 hours of braiding, a braided bun for a first communion and a braid for a birthday party today.

We also tried new styles with my girls:

The amazing flower bun hawk by Jill Etah, picture and link to a tutorial above. And a five strand dutch ribbon braid with two colours.

My youngest one wanted to keep yesterday’s braid… and I was quite happy to let her 🙂





(scroll down for a short version in English)

Ruusutarha on yritys, joka tekee tilauksesta käsin paperikukkia häihin, juhliin, lahjaksi tai vaikkapa kodin kattauksiin. Tein pienen yhteistyöprojektin Sannan kanssa, joka taiteili kauniin ruusuhiuskoristeen ja toimitti sen minulle. Minä tein pari juhlakampausta, jotka Sannan ruusukoriste kruunasi:

Waterfall into 4-strand pull up braids into frenchbraid and braided bun 4-strand pull up braids, waterfall, french braid bun

Ruusukampaus Wedding hair

Voit käydä ihailemassa kukkakoristeita tai tilata omasi täältä: https://www.facebook.com/Ruusutarha tai Sannan blogissa: http://ruusutarhaan.blogspot.fi/


This amazing rose hair clip was sent to me by Sanna, who has her own business making paper flowers. Go and have a look at her Facebook and blog:  https://www.facebook.com/Ruusutarha and http://ruusutarhaan.blogspot.fi/

Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons

We had a birthday party for my youngest girl today. All the girls were up early, had chosen their dresses and were waking me up to do fancy hairstyles for the party! (Girls!!!)

They wanted something fancy, with shiny new ribbons that we bought last week. So it was a great excuse to go over the top a bit:

4-strand french braid with blue ribbon

The first one is my favorite of the three, probably because I got to choose the ribbon color! And it’s very easy. It’s a 4-strand french braid, but one strand is ribbon instead of hair.

Ribbon dutch braids

The second one is a bit Christmasy, but my daughter has worn this dress pretty much all the time since Christmas (apart from school), so we did the same color ribbon… For this hairdo, I did two dutch braids and then threaded the ribbon through with a help of a bobby pin.

dutch braids into a bun with a ribbonThe last one is definitely over the top, but she absolutely loved this style, so what can I say! It was quite difficult to do the two up-side-down dutch braids and the bun, but the ribbon was quite easy to thread through the stitches of the braids.

These styles lasted well through the day, and the girls went to bed with them. We’ll have to wait and see how much fixing I need to do in the morning, but they want to have the ribbons for school and kindergarten tomorrow!



Went to see the Disney film, Frozen, today. The girls loved it. I did as well, especially the hairstyles in the film. So, when we got home we tried to recreate some of the hairstyles.

My oldest daughter’s hair is just like Elsa’s in the film, so we tried the two Elsa-styles. I was going to do the Anna-styles on my 5-year old, but she was not in the mood for braiding… maybe another day.

Elsa's 2 hairdos from Disney's Frozen

First, we did the coronation hairdo on the right. I made it by twisting the hair at the front and twisting all the hair into a bun, and attaching with bobby pins. I thought it turned out quite well, but I don’t think it would last very long at all on a child.

Luckily my daughter wanted to try the other braid straight away, so we didn’t have to wait and see how durable the bun was. The second hairdo (on the left) involved a lot of back-combing for volume, and a loose french braid. She really loved the hairdo and wants to wear it for skiing tomorrow, I don’t think I need to post a picture of it after a day of wearing a ski-helmet, you can probably all imagine it!

And for those of you who are not up to scratch with your Disney films, here’s a picture of the two hairdos in the film:

Elsa in Disney's Frozen

French braid bun

How to do a french braid bun: step-by-step pictures

I finally got around doing a step-by-step picture tutorial on the french braid bun, which I promised about a month ago. I’ve been so busy with all the Christmas stuff and skiing, that I haven’t done much blogging lately!

Anyway, here it is.

First, make a ponytail in the middle of the head using a thick hairband.

Next, make another ponytail with all the rest of the hair around the original ponytail.

Then start french braiding taking hair from the little ponytail and from the outer ponytail.

Make a loose french braid all the way around, using all the hair, and finish with a normal three strand braid.

Finally, tug the braid inside the loose french braid, wrap the rest of it around and use bobby pins to make the bun tighter and tidier.

I did this pictorial on my 5-year-old. She has quite thin hair, so using a bun-maker instead of a thick hairband would have been a good idea.

I’ve done the same hairdo on my older daughter quite  few times, and it looks quite different because of her thick hair.

She has had her hair on a french braid bun for ballet quite a few times, and it really holds well, and looks pretty:

Frenchbraid bun


Ballet hair

My oldest girl started ballet few months ago. We were a bit disappointed, when we got the welcoming letter in the summer, and there were instructions for hair… The older girls have to have a bun, but for the younger ones, just a simple ponytail! I know it is a relief to most of the mums that they don’t need to do buns on their little girls, and of course the ballet teacher wants the whole group looking the same, but I had been hoping I could do something more than just a ponytail.

So we started in September with just a ponytail, but soon sneaked in a little variation (which the ballet teacher loved):

lace braid headband into ponytail

One day, my daughter came home from ballet and said she is allowed to have a bun for ballet. At this point, I remembered I’m not very good at doing buns, it always ends up a mess with bobby pins sticking out everywhere. So I started practising and did this version of a lace braid bun:

lace braid bunHere is a CuteGirlsHairstyles tutorial for a lace braid bun. In my version, instead of using a bun-maker, I wrapped some of my daughter’s hair around the ponytail, but this trick only works if you’ve got super thick hair.

Today, I came up with a french braided bun:

french braid bun for ballet

This was fairly easy, held really well, and only required 3 bobby pins. I will do a picture tutorial for this one soon… My daughter absolutely loves having her hair up in a ballet hairdo, always puts a big smile on her face!


Amazing french braid double bun

The other day, someone asked us if we were Russian. ”I thought because of the braids”, she said. And she had a point: the Russians do make the best braids! So I spent a lot of time last week on YouTube, going through Russian hairstyle videos. Here is a french braid double bun, that I learned:

french braid into two french braid buns french braid head band into two buns

I really love this hairdo, looks even better in real life, and what’s best, you only need some french braiding experience and a bit of patience (for both braider and braidee) to do this.

Often the tutorials on YouTube make any hairstyle look easy, but when you try it, the braid turns out loose, it’s impossible to hold together, or you get the hair or your fingers tangled… This one, however, is as easy as it looks on the video (which is not to say that it is very easy, but you get what you see on the video). So, if you want to try it, here is a link to the video: french braid double bun

I did this on my oldest daughter, who has very thick hair, but I don’t think thick hair is the key to success with this hairdo. Normal hair, 5-10 cm down from the shoulders should be fine.

The braid lasted well for the day, even though she was running and climbing at the playground. It fell apart  bit over night, but still looked ok after I added a few bobby pins. Got destroyed at the swimming pool though.

French braid bun

Something a bit easier for a change… A while ago I did a post on french braid ponytails, this is a nice variation of it:

Two french braids into a buntwo french braids into a bun

First, I did a french braid from the neck up to the middle of her head.

Next, I did a curving french braid with the front part of her hair. This looks equally nice with a plain straight french braid from the front to the middle of the head (see picture below).

Finally, I twisted the two french braids into a bun, and secured with an elastic plus bobby pins.

She loved it, and called it ballet-hair!

This hairdo looks really nice on adults as well. My sister has much thinner and shorter hair than my daughter, but the hairdo looked really lovely on her as well:

French braid bun

Check what it says on the label!


I’ve made this flower bun a few times. I found it on Cute Girls Hairstyles, which has been my biggest inspiration lately. Actually we are all hooked on Mindy’s hair tutorials: my girls like to choose hairstyles from her for me to try, I’ve even caught my husband on her website (and I’m sure it was him who put Cute Girls Hairstyles on the bookmarks bar on our computer). You can follow Mindy’s instructions for the flower bun via this link: cutegirlshairstyles dutch flower braid

First, you need to practise dutch braiding, kind of upside down french braiding. After you get the hang of dutch braids, this one is fairly easy to do, just takes a bit of time. The last part where you need to ”pancake” the braid and roll it into a bun is quite tricky. My girls have very fine hair, so lots of it sticks out the braid easily and ”pancaking it” makes it even worse.

When I made the braid in the picture, I had no hairspray or hair gel, so I used hair wax to try to prevent the hair from sticking out. Or so I thought. After the braid was finished and picture was taken, I started tidying the hairpins and combs away, and picked up the little black hair wax pot, but when I looked at it more closely, it was actually my makeup remover, which comes in an almost identical black pot!! No wonder, the hair didn’t really stay where it was supposed to!

I’ve also made a variation of this with two flowers, which ended up looking more like snails, but still quite nice: