Avainsana: Hairdo

Tervetuloa lettejen maailmaan

Tervetuloa kaikki uudet ja vanhat lukijat!

Olen itseoppinut lettitaiteilija ja kerron täällä letitystouhuistani. Minulla on kolme tytärtä, joille teen erilaisia lettikampauksia: milloin pitää tehdä kypärän alle mahtuvat letit, milloin taas naamiaisteemaan sopivat tai jumppaesityksessä kauniina pysyvät kampaukset. Teen lettikampauksia muillekin esimerkiksi festareilla, tapahtumissa ja syntymäpäiväjuhlilla. Myös nuorten ja aikuisten kampaukset onnistuu: leteillä saa koristeltua hää- ja muut juhlakampaukset upeiksi. Lisäksi teen ohjevideoita ja vedän lettikursseja, jotta te kaikki muutkin voisitte oppia lettimaailman salaisuuksia. Joskus saatan innostua laittamaan kuva kuvalta ohjeita tänne blogiini.

Olen kirjoittanut lettiblogiani lähes kaksi vuotta. Vanhemmat blogipostaukseni ovat englanniksi, koska olen asunut koko aikuiselämäni ulkomailla. Viime kesänä muutimme perheeni kanssa Suomeen ja aloin pikkuhiljaa vaihtamaan blogiani kaksikieliseksi. Nyt suomi on ykköskieli, mutta laitan aina postauksen loppuun myös englanninkielisen version.

Tässä kolme tytärtäni, nuorimmasta vanhimpaan, alkuvuoden suosikkileteissä:

4-strand lacebraids with ribbon puoliranskalaisia lettejä side swept messy fauxhawk
Nämä eivät ole ihan aloittelijan lettejä, mutta näyttävät hankalammilta mitä ovat. Kaikki kolme lettiä kestivät yllättävän hyvin koko päivän, vaikka joka päivä meillä touhutaan aika paljon.


Hello my lovely readers!

If you’ve found your way here, you will have noticed that my blog has changed to a new location. This is a Finnish family magazine’s blog portal and I will be continuing my braiding stories here.

I will use Finnish as my first language, but will include an English version at the end of the posts. So please just scroll down to read the story!

Above are my three daughters from youngest to oldest with this year’s favourite braids. These are not really braids for beginners, but they are easier than they seem. All three braids lasted really well through the day, and as you know, our days are always quite active!


Went to see the Disney film, Frozen, today. The girls loved it. I did as well, especially the hairstyles in the film. So, when we got home we tried to recreate some of the hairstyles.

My oldest daughter’s hair is just like Elsa’s in the film, so we tried the two Elsa-styles. I was going to do the Anna-styles on my 5-year old, but she was not in the mood for braiding… maybe another day.

Elsa's 2 hairdos from Disney's Frozen

First, we did the coronation hairdo on the right. I made it by twisting the hair at the front and twisting all the hair into a bun, and attaching with bobby pins. I thought it turned out quite well, but I don’t think it would last very long at all on a child.

Luckily my daughter wanted to try the other braid straight away, so we didn’t have to wait and see how durable the bun was. The second hairdo (on the left) involved a lot of back-combing for volume, and a loose french braid. She really loved the hairdo and wants to wear it for skiing tomorrow, I don’t think I need to post a picture of it after a day of wearing a ski-helmet, you can probably all imagine it!

And for those of you who are not up to scratch with your Disney films, here’s a picture of the two hairdos in the film:

Elsa in Disney's Frozen

New inspiration

I’ve found a great new inspiration: I follow her on Instagram @abellasbraids. She does amazing hairdos, most of them just my style. I’ve been trying them out with varying success. This one I tried a couple of times on my 4-year-old, but her hair just isn’t thick enough to split the hair strands from a waterfall braid into 3. So finally I succeeded when I did the braid on my eldest daughter:

Waterfall braid into a different kind of ladder braid This one is quite tricky to make: you first need to do a waterfall braid, but only drop a strand to the left at every other stitch.

Next, go onto do a ladder braid, but instead of adding a whole strand from the waterfall braid, add a third of a strand at a time to the lower braid.

(I think I really need to do some tutorials instead of adding links, but I can’t braid and film at the same time…)

Anyway, I thought this was beautiful. And it lasted well. And if you have practiced braiding a bit, and have some patience, it’s really not that difficult to make.

french braid feather braid swirl I have tried a lot of other braids from @abellasbraids. Here is one that went quite wrong. It looks nice enough here, but nothing like what I was trying to do. I challenge you to go on Instagram, and find the hairdo I was trying to copy:

Katie @abellasbraids also has a blog on blogspot and you can find her on youtube, go and check it out. I thought I had tried every braid there is, but she has definitely proved me wrong.

For a good day

I made this twisted ponytail on my youngest daughter today. It looks lovely and is fairly easy to make. However, today was the wrong day for this hairstyle.

three twists into ponytail

Last night we arrived home from a camping trip at 3 in the morning after driving 9 hours. My daughter woke up when we carried her to her bed, and didn’t properly fall asleep for the rest of the night. So today she was on the worst mood ever, too tired for anything. So by the third temper tantrum this hairdo was completely gone: it was not meant for rolling on the floor screaming!

If you would like to try this on a better day, here is how to do it:

three twists into ponytail step-by-step

First, make a twist in the middle of the head by twisting two strands of hair around each other and adding a bit of hair into each twist. Once you’ve picked up hair all the way to the neck, tie with an elastic band or hair clip.

Next, do another twist on the right by twisting two strands of hair around each other, adding hair at each twist until you’ve added all the hair on the right side. Tie with a clip or hair band.

Finally twist the hair on the left side and tie all three twists together into a ponytail (and remove other hair clips and elastics).

Hope you have better luck with it than me!