Avainsana: honeycomb braid

Trying out something new

Sorry for not posting for ages and ages! I’ve been busy with lots of things, but above all I’ve been busy setting up Jenni’s Hairdays as a business. I’m so excited about this, and so happy about all the people who believe in this!

I’m planning to do braids and hairdos in events, parties and happenings, as well as organise braiding courses, and of course do individual braids for all kinds of occasions. I’ve been busy planning and starting up things, so my girls have had quite a lot of quick and simple hairdos, or braids that I’ve done a million times before…

Lettikampaus honeycomb neadbandToday I decided to try something new, and did this honeycomb headband. I’ve seen a tutorial for this a long time ago, and always though it must be a waste of effort and fall apart in no time. I tried to make it stronger by using thicker strand of hair than in the tutorial and I was quite surprised that it stayed the whole day! So I can tell you it is worth the effort: go and check out the tutorial by Princess Hairstyles.