Avainsana: Long hair

Lettejä pitkiin ja lyhyisiin hiuksiin

Siitä on jo yli 4 kuukautta, kun tytöt lahjoittivat hiuksensa. Lyhyet hiukset ovat olleet sekä haaste että uuden inspiraation lähde: on ollut kiva kokeilla kaikenlaista uutta ja vanhaa Moonan polkkatukkaan ja Ellin juuri ja juuri hartioiden alle ylettyviin hiuksiin. Olemme myös kuvanneet videoita lyhyiden hiusten letityksestä, ensimmäisen julkaisin viimeviikolla: näin tehdään ranskalainen letti polkkatukkaan.

Joskus kampausta on hieman muutettava, jotta lyhyemmät hiukset pysyisivät letissä mukana . Usein lyhyisiin hiuksiin letit onnistuvat paremmin, jos ne tekee vain osaan hiuksia, kuten videon ranskanletissä. Letin voi tehdä joko etu/yläosaan tai kaksi lettiä vierekkäin. Alla ensin sulkalettejä, sitten vähän helpommat korsettiletit ja 3D-letit, vasemmalla pitkiin, oikealla lyhyisiin hiuksiin tehtynä.

feathered braids for long and short hair

Corset braid for long and short hair

3D round braid for long and shot hair

Toiset letit onnistuvat lähes samanlaisina lyhyempiinkin hiuksiin. Tässä kolmoisranskalainen, 5-osainen nauhaletti ja hollantilainen kalanruoto.

frenchbraid combo

5-strand ribbonbraid

Dutch fishtail

Lisää lyhyiden hiusten ohjeita on luvassa Jenni’s Hairday’s YouTubessa. Myös Letille-kirjan lettiohjeissa on aina mainittu, onnistuuko letti myös lyhyempiin hiuksiin.



It’s been over 4 months since the girls donated their hair. Braiding short hair has been both a challenge and an inspiration.

Above, you can see styles that we’ve managed in both long and short hair. Sometimes you need to alter the style slightly, or make it with just part of the hair, but some braids work almost unaltered in short hair as well.

We’ve also made some videos for short hair, first of which I published last week, and there is more to come: french braid for short hair.

Finnish hair – not so blond

ladderbraid updo braided hairstyle(Scroll down for English version)

Olen vihdoin toipunut viime viikonlopun urakasta. Olin messukeskuksessa letittelemässä: yli 100 kampausta 3 päivän aikana! Teimme yhteistyötä Nordic Beauty Importin kanssa, eli minä letittelin Tangle Teezerin tai Invisibobblen ostajia ja samalla markkinoin vähän itseäni.

Oli ihana tehdä lettejä kaiken pituisiin, värisiin ja paksuisiin hiuksiin. Erilaisia hiuslaatuja todellakin riitti, stereotyyppisiä vaaleita ohuita suomalaispäitä oli paljon vähemmän kuin odotin!

knotted braid, half-updo frenchbraid into a bun, braided hairstyle

lace braid, rosette, short hair, pink hair micro braids, lace braids, zigzag braid

I have finally recovered from last weekend. I did over 100 hairdos in 3 days at the I Love Me fair in Helsinki. I was working with Nordic Beauty Import: promoting my new business and also braiding all those who bought a Tangle Teezer or Invisibobbles.

I really enjoyed working with all types of hair: long, short, thin, thick, and all possible colours. There were loads of different types of hair, really challenging the thin blond Finnish stereotype!

Christmas parties

Been busy with all the December happenings… Here are a few hairstyles we’ve done for various Christmas parties.

First, there was a party where we were going to by car, and it was indoors, so we could do almost anything with the hair.

When I said I’d do any hairstyle they wanted, my middle daughter instantly requested the butterfly braid. For my oldest girl, I did a ladder braid, and my smallest had a braided headband with some curls from the previous braid.

Butterfly lacebraid bun ladder braid, no heat curls, butterfly bun

The next party was a bit trickier. The girls were going to do a little song and dance performance with santa hats on. So the hairdo had to look nice even with a hat on… So these chinese ladder braids were quite good for that: they looked nice even when most of the head was under the hat, and were a bit more interesting than normal braids:

two chinese ladder braids

This morning was the last of the Christmas events: the Christmas Carols at the school. It was outside, and the girls were going to school first, so potential for messing up any hairdo before the event. It was also cold and wet, so hats on, and no curls… And an early morning, so no time for hair in the morning!

For my 1st grader, I just did some tight french braids last night. For the 4th grader, I found a nice hairdo from @abellasbraids on Instagram: two dutch braid headbands into pigtails and then making mini twists with the hair in the pigtails. This was easy, but a bit time consuming to make, and lasted really well.

The first picture below was taken last night, and the second one this morning after she slept with the braids.

two dutch braid headbands into pigtails and mini twists two dutch braid headbands into pigtails and mini twists

Ballet hair

My oldest girl started ballet few months ago. We were a bit disappointed, when we got the welcoming letter in the summer, and there were instructions for hair… The older girls have to have a bun, but for the younger ones, just a simple ponytail! I know it is a relief to most of the mums that they don’t need to do buns on their little girls, and of course the ballet teacher wants the whole group looking the same, but I had been hoping I could do something more than just a ponytail.

So we started in September with just a ponytail, but soon sneaked in a little variation (which the ballet teacher loved):

lace braid headband into ponytail

One day, my daughter came home from ballet and said she is allowed to have a bun for ballet. At this point, I remembered I’m not very good at doing buns, it always ends up a mess with bobby pins sticking out everywhere. So I started practising and did this version of a lace braid bun:

lace braid bunHere is a CuteGirlsHairstyles tutorial for a lace braid bun. In my version, instead of using a bun-maker, I wrapped some of my daughter’s hair around the ponytail, but this trick only works if you’ve got super thick hair.

Today, I came up with a french braided bun:

french braid bun for ballet

This was fairly easy, held really well, and only required 3 bobby pins. I will do a picture tutorial for this one soon… My daughter absolutely loves having her hair up in a ballet hairdo, always puts a big smile on her face!


Another quick one

two 4-strand slide up braids tied back into oneContinuing from last week’s quick and easy hairdos… Here’s one that you will need to practise a little bit, but once you’ve got it, it’s fast, easy and impressive.

Cute Girls Hairstyles did a one-sided version of this, and I think Mindy explains it so well, that there is no point of me trying to do instructions, click here for a link to CuteGirlsHairstyles video tutorial on the 4-strand slide-up braid. When you do this 4 strand braid, there is one strand that will never get to the outer side, in the end you hold onto that strand and slide the rest of the braid up (this will all make sense if you watch Mindy’s video tutorial)

So, for my version, I just did the 4-strand slide-up braid on both sides, and tied it back. I love this one because it looks a bit unusual and makes people look twice.

You will need reasonably long hair for this one, a bit below shoulders, to be ably to have long enough braids to ”slide up”. Also, the problem with smaller kids is, that the hair easily sticks out from the middle, but to prevent that, you could tie all the hair and the little braid into a low ponytail at the back.

Back to school hairdos – one easy, another more difficult

Less than one week now till the start of school, so here is another set of back to school hairstyles.

All ”half-up-dos” are good for school, as they keep hair out of the face. They also last for a couple of days easily. If you use them for very long hair, and want the hairdo to last over night, it’s best to make a loose braid with the rest of the hair for sleeping, to prevent it from tangling. That also gives nice waves when you open the braid in the morning.

Today, I did two lace braids in the front for my first-grader-to-be. This is an easy to make half-up-do, and OK for shorter or thinner hair as well. Took me about 5 minutes to make:

two lace braids at the frontI made a ponytail at the back to hold a bit over half of her hair out of the way. Next, I used her natural parting and started with the right (longer) side braid. I lace braided by adding hair from the left side only, making a braid very near her face. Then I lace braided the shorter left side braid by adding hair from the right side only. Finally, I undid the ponytail, which was holding back the rest of the hair.

For my older daughter, I made a bit more complicated variation, with little lace braids :

little lace braids half-up-dolittle lace braids half up hairdoThe hardest part here is to divide the hair before braiding, but after that, it isn’t too difficult to make 4 little lace braids on the right and 3 on the left.

This one is great for thick hair. I haven’t made this before, but from similar hairdos, I predict it will last really well for several days, as long as we keep brushing the hair at the back, and tying it back for sleeping.


Beach hair -3

This hairdo would look beautiful on anyone with long hair. And this is another easy one to do. I’ve done these three overlapping little braids on my two oldest girls several times and I love the way the different shades of their hair become visible in this hairdo. Here are a few different versions:

Beach hair, textured braids three overlapping braids

three half up braids overlappingYou can make this hairdo by following a few simple steps:

. Take some hair from the top of the head, divide into 3 strands (one thinner than the other two), and braid the three strands.

2. Take some hair from both sides of the first little braid, pull them to the right of the original braid, divide into 3, and braid.

3. Take some hair from both sides again, pull them to the left of the first braid, divide into 3 and braid.

If you want to keep it very simple, just braid even sized strands instead of one thinner than the other two.

three overlapping braids after couple of days

This hairstyle stays easily for a day or two. It gets a bit messy, but I think it looks like it’s supposed to. This photo is after a day of swimming and playing and two nights of sleep: