Combination of pretty hairdos

I keep on finding pictures of lovely hairdos, that I know are not going to be any good on children. And I love coming up with my own child-friendly versions…

A while ago I saw a picture of two beautiful lace braids around the face, which ended up in a bun. But my girls don’t like buns, as often they sleep with their hairdos, and buns are not very comfortable for sleeping. And I don’t like buns, as I’m not very good at making them, and they always require bobby pins, which are not very practical on kids. So I started using similar lace braids as a start for lots of different hairdos.

Then I found another picture of a hairdo I liked. It was a ”chinese ladder braid”, which would work well on kids apart from the loose top part of the hairdo. So I combined the two hairdos and came up with this:

two lace braid crowns into a chinese ladder braidtwo lace braid headbands  into a chinese ladder braid

For this one, instead of making a lace braid headband that adds hair form the side of the face, I made the lace braids by adding hair from the side of the top of the head (here left). After making two lace braid headbands or crowns, I tied them together with the rest of the hair and made a chinese ladder braid, which is much easier to make than it looks. Here is a link to a tutorial on the last part of the hairdo: Chinese staircase braid tutorial.

This one lasted quite well. The after-photo is taken after one night’s sleep and a day at the swimming pool:

two lace braids into a chinese staircase braid