Challenge number 1: fishtail braids

I haven’t been blogging much lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been braiding… Quite the opposite. I’ve been practising braids that I thought were impossible.

First one: fishtail braids. If you asked me a month ago to do a fishtail braid, I would have said it takes too long and will become loose too easily, and looks messy in any case. But now I quite like them.

There were couple of contests on Instagram, where you had to do either a normal fishtail braid or a french or dutch fishtail, so I thought that was a perfect excuse to practise.

two french fishtail braids crossed over and pinned upThis is an updo that I created from two french fishtails.

It took quite a long time, maybe 20 minutes. The fishtails lasted a day, but the bobby pins that I used to pin the two braids up with, came off quite easily, and the braids just hung down the back… but that also looked alright.

A dutch fishtail / inverse fishtail is a bit more difficult, and I never used to like the way it looked. When I practised them a bit, I came up with hairdos where it actually looked quite nice. This one is probably the best:

Dutch fishtail Starburst bun

This is a starburst bun, but instead of french braiding it, I’ve used a dutch fishtail braid, and instead of tugging the end of the braid inside the bun, I wrapped it around and only tugged the very end inside.

This one was a bit too fancy for a 5-year old, and lots of babyhair started sticking out quite soon, but I think it would be great on an adult or a teenager.




  1. Eva says:

    I just came across you’re blog! Everything looks really nice! How did you do the two hairstyles? I love the look of fishtail and I want to wear them in other ways other than just side braids.

  2. jennipetanen says:

    The first one is two french fishtails, so you do a parting, then start a fishtail with a bit of hair from the front and every time when you cross a bit of hair over, you add some hair to it as well. Once you have two french fishtails, you cross them over and bobby pin into a loop. (I also pulled the braids sideways a bit before crossing them over to get a looser/ messier look).
    The second one is a starburst bun, you can find tutorials on youtube by searching starburst braid. It is normally done by french braiding, I did the same technique, but used a dutch/inside out fishtail instead. And in the end, instead of tugging the left over braid inside the starburst, I wrapped it around and the pinned the end.
    Hope that makes sense!

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