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Double starburst bun


Double starburst bun

Tämän viikon YouTube tutoriaali on ohje mun lempiletin tekoon. Tuplakukkanuttura kerää kommentteja ja kääntää päitä.

Käykää katsomassa ohje YouTube-kanavallani (löytyy suomeksi ja englanniksi).

Olen tehnyt tämän kampauksen aikuisille, nuorille, lapsille ja jopa 2-vuotiaalle. Tuplakukkanuttura onnistuu niin superpitkään kuin olkapäille ulottuvaankin tukkaan , ohueen ja paksuun, tulee vain aina vähän erinäköinen. Näistä ensimmäinen on tehty takapuoleen ulottuviin, todella paksuihin hiuksiin, ja toinen ohueen tukkaan, joka ulottuu juuri ja juuri olkapäille:

lettikampaus juhlakampaus  juhlakampaus lettikampaus


This week’s YouTube tutorial is on my all time favourite hairdo: the double starburst bun!

This hairdo works on thick, thin, long and shorter hair. I’ve done it on all ages as well: from a two-year-old to an adult. Above are two that I did on quite opposite types of hair.

Check out the tutorial on my Yoututbe Channel. There’s an English and Finnish version.

Challenge number 1: fishtail braids

I haven’t been blogging much lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been braiding… Quite the opposite. I’ve been practising braids that I thought were impossible.

First one: fishtail braids. If you asked me a month ago to do a fishtail braid, I would have said it takes too long and will become loose too easily, and looks messy in any case. But now I quite like them.

There were couple of contests on Instagram, where you had to do either a normal fishtail braid or a french or dutch fishtail, so I thought that was a perfect excuse to practise.

two french fishtail braids crossed over and pinned upThis is an updo that I created from two french fishtails.

It took quite a long time, maybe 20 minutes. The fishtails lasted a day, but the bobby pins that I used to pin the two braids up with, came off quite easily, and the braids just hung down the back… but that also looked alright.

A dutch fishtail / inverse fishtail is a bit more difficult, and I never used to like the way it looked. When I practised them a bit, I came up with hairdos where it actually looked quite nice. This one is probably the best:

Dutch fishtail Starburst bun

This is a starburst bun, but instead of french braiding it, I’ve used a dutch fishtail braid, and instead of tugging the end of the braid inside the bun, I wrapped it around and only tugged the very end inside.

This one was a bit too fancy for a 5-year old, and lots of babyhair started sticking out quite soon, but I think it would be great on an adult or a teenager.



Five beautiful hairdos

Lace braid around the head into a french braidCouple of weeks ago I was staying at my sister’s and had the opportunity to try some of my favorite braids on her.

Adult hair can be challenging as well, my sister’s is quite slippery, and she is growing out her fringe, but at least she sits still when I do her hair.

The first one is a lace braid going around the head, and catching all the short hair at the front. After going around the whole head, I turned and french braided the rest of the hair from left to right.

The double starburst bun is probably my favorite braid at the moment. My sister and mum were taking my bigger girls to see the National Ballet, so she needed a beautiful hairstyle, and this seemed perfect:

double french french braid bun

Most of these (apart from the ballet hair) I made the night before, so that we didn’t need to get up too early in the morning to do hair. The braids lasted really well on her, much better than on a child!

Below left, is a kind of a ladder braid, which I’ve tried on my daughters before. I still think that it is very difficult on anyone else except my oldest daughter with super thick hair, but it worked out OK on my sister.

Below right is two spiral braids, which you can do on any hair (I have done this one successfully on thin and short hair). You start from the middle and lace braid around and around. On my sister’s hair do, I did two spirals and tied them back, so from the top it was a heart-shape.

ladder braid     spiral braids tied together at the back

french braids into lace braid bowBy the time my sister had walked around with nice hairdos for a week, people started suggesting hairdos for us to try… This was supposed to be two french braids from the top down and from the bottom up, tied together into a (non-braided) bow. Her hair was not long enough to make a simple non-braided bow, so I did two bow-shaped lace braids and twisted the ends of the braids around. It ended up looking quite a lot like a butterfly:

The secret is in the planning

french braid into two french braid bunsWhen braiding hair, thin hair isn’t necessarily a problem…

A while ago I did this amazing double starburst bun on my 7-year-old daughter, and thought it would only work on her as she has thick hair and can sit still for ages.

But one morning I decided I’d try it on my 2-year-old, who has thin, uneven baby hair, and it turned out alright:

french braid starburst double bun

The secret to success is in the planning. I put the telly on and did the brushing and parting and made two little ponytails at the back to braid around (here is a link to the tutorial I found on youtube), then came the serious part where I really needed her to sit still. For this part, I put her favorite TV program (Littlest Petshop) on, the episode lasts 20 minutes, so I knew I had plenty of time to finnish the hairdo. Sometimes I accidentally pull the hair too hard and she screams and decides she doesn’t want me to do the braid after all, but if I have Littlest Petshop on, I can easily divert her attention from the hair back to the TV by asking questions about the program (”where did that blue dog go?” etc), and carry on braiding.

Here the trickiest part was to know how much hair to add at a time, so I did need to undo the braid a bit at times and redo to get it even. But even with all the braiding, undoing it and redoing it, I managed to finish before the TV program.

How to make a starburst braid

lacebraid headband into starburst bun lacebraid headband into starburst bun

Every time I make a ”starburst” braid, I get so many people asking how to do it. Even strangers on the street stop to ask whether the hair goes to the middle or comes from there… So I finally decided to do some step-by-step pictures.

how to do a starburst braid

I started with a lace braid headband to keep hair out of the face.

After I braided from left ear to the right (adding hair from the right only), I put a clip on the braid and made a little ponytail in the middle of the rest of the hair, leaving some loose hair all around.

You don’t have to do the first part of the braid (the lace braid headband), you could just start by making a ponytail in the middle of the head and leaving some loose hair all around the ponytail.

Next, unclip the braid and start french braiding it. Every time you add hair strands to the braid from the left, add it from the ponytail. And when you add hair from the right, add it from the loose hair around the ponytail.

Carry on french braiding around the ponytail, picking up loose hair to add to the right side of the braid and hair from the ponytail to add to the left.

Once you’ve braided all around, finish with a normal 3 strand braid. Then tuck the braid inside the french braid, and secure with couple of bobby pins.

So, it’s not as complicated as it looks. It’s a bit tricky to make the ponytail in the beginning, and you might need some practice to find out how thick the strands of hair should be,  when you add hair from the ponytail. The model here is my eldest daughter with incredibly thick hair, but I need to do quite a lot thinner strands on the other two girls. And the outcome looks quite different, but still nice.

When you master this, you can do the beautiful starburst double bun: french braid into two french braid buns