Avainsana: Baby hair

Thin hair and little of it

braided head band for thin and fine hair

The pictures are of my daughter, who has a lot of hair for an average 2-year-old, but this hairdo is perfect for everyone with a lot less hair than her.

Last week, I was trying on some french braids and lace braids on my cousin’s daughter, who has very fine hair and little of it. I always ran out of hair before the braid got anywhere, so I invented a little trick to make a braided headband (or other braids) work:

I started braiding with three strands of hair. Then, instead of adding hair at every ”stitch” of the braid,  I added a bit of hair to one stitch, then did three stitches without adding any, then added a bit of hair, followed by three normal stitches again, then added some hair to the next stitch and so on. This made the braid long enough to stretch across the head, but I managed to keep it tight and didn’t run out of hair.

Here are some step-by-step pictures of how I did it on my daughter (I’m half way through the braid, but you can see the trick):

lace braid tutorial for thin hair and little of it

She has a lot of hair, but also funny bits of very thin and short baby hair at the sides of her forehead, so this trick worked well on her as well.