Avainsana: Hairstyle

Viikonlopun hiushommia

Viikonloppu on ollut täynnä letitystä. Eilen olin Forssassa Naistenpäivätapahtumassa, jossa tein lettejä ja lettikampauksia: sain letittää aikuisille ja lapsille, pitkiä ja lyhyempiäkin hiuksia, kiharia, suoria, paksuja, ohuita… Nautin tällaisista tapahtumista, kun itselle tulee hyvä mieli siitä, että saa niin monen muun hyvälle mielelle! Kyllä kaunis letti tekee ihmeitä!

Tänään letittely jatkui: sain tehdä yhden rippikampauksen ja yhden letin syntymäpäiväjuhlille. Kun pääsin kotiin tyttöjeni kanssa, rentouduimme katselemalla lettikuvia ja kokeilemalla uusia kampauksia.

Muissa letittelyissä oli sen verra kiire, etten kuvannut hiuksia, mutta kotona tehdyt kampaukset saimme ikuistettua:


Keskimmäiselle tytölleni tein nuttura-mohikaanin. Siihen löytyy tutoriaali täältä: Jill Ehat’s Flower Bun Hawk

5-strand ribbon dutch braid

Vanhin tyttäreni sai 5-osaisen hollantilaisen letin, jossa kahden väristä nauhaa.

Kun nuorin tyttöni sanoi, että olisi mielellään eilisellä letillä, olin minäkin jo saanut tarpeekseni tälle viikonlopulle ja sovittiin, että huomenna sitten lisää!


Just quickly in English:

I’ve been super busy braiding all weekend: a Women’s day event yesterday with 5 hours of braiding, a braided bun for a first communion and a braid for a birthday party today.

We also tried new styles with my girls:

The amazing flower bun hawk by Jill Etah, picture and link to a tutorial above. And a five strand dutch ribbon braid with two colours.

My youngest one wanted to keep yesterday’s braid… and I was quite happy to let her 🙂




Trying out something new

Sorry for not posting for ages and ages! I’ve been busy with lots of things, but above all I’ve been busy setting up Jenni’s Hairdays as a business. I’m so excited about this, and so happy about all the people who believe in this!

I’m planning to do braids and hairdos in events, parties and happenings, as well as organise braiding courses, and of course do individual braids for all kinds of occasions. I’ve been busy planning and starting up things, so my girls have had quite a lot of quick and simple hairdos, or braids that I’ve done a million times before…

Lettikampaus honeycomb neadbandToday I decided to try something new, and did this honeycomb headband. I’ve seen a tutorial for this a long time ago, and always though it must be a waste of effort and fall apart in no time. I tried to make it stronger by using thicker strand of hair than in the tutorial and I was quite surprised that it stayed the whole day! So I can tell you it is worth the effort: go and check out the tutorial by Princess Hairstyles.

Christmas parties

Been busy with all the December happenings… Here are a few hairstyles we’ve done for various Christmas parties.

First, there was a party where we were going to by car, and it was indoors, so we could do almost anything with the hair.

When I said I’d do any hairstyle they wanted, my middle daughter instantly requested the butterfly braid. For my oldest girl, I did a ladder braid, and my smallest had a braided headband with some curls from the previous braid.

Butterfly lacebraid bun ladder braid, no heat curls, butterfly bun

The next party was a bit trickier. The girls were going to do a little song and dance performance with santa hats on. So the hairdo had to look nice even with a hat on… So these chinese ladder braids were quite good for that: they looked nice even when most of the head was under the hat, and were a bit more interesting than normal braids:

two chinese ladder braids

This morning was the last of the Christmas events: the Christmas Carols at the school. It was outside, and the girls were going to school first, so potential for messing up any hairdo before the event. It was also cold and wet, so hats on, and no curls… And an early morning, so no time for hair in the morning!

For my 1st grader, I just did some tight french braids last night. For the 4th grader, I found a nice hairdo from @abellasbraids on Instagram: two dutch braid headbands into pigtails and then making mini twists with the hair in the pigtails. This was easy, but a bit time consuming to make, and lasted really well.

The first picture below was taken last night, and the second one this morning after she slept with the braids.

two dutch braid headbands into pigtails and mini twists two dutch braid headbands into pigtails and mini twists


Started our skiing season on Sunday. Hair under the skiing helmet and balaclava is always a bit tricky: there can’t be any hair escaping from under the balaclava around the face, and the braid can’t be too thick around the head or the helmet won’t fit.

For my youngest daughter, I did just two very tight french braids as her hair is so thin that braids won’t prevent putting on the helmet. (I didn’t take a picture of this one)

For my oldest daughter it’s a different story! I did a mermaid braid for her, which is like a french braid, but you only add hair from the very edge of the head leaving loose hair underneath the braid. This way, the braid doesn’t get too thick. When I got to the nape of her neck, I finished with a loose simple three strand braid.

Mermaid braid to fit under a ski helmet

For my middle daughter, I did two very fine lace braids around the face and then finished with a loose 3-strand braid.

Two lace braid headbands into a 3-strand braid


Here is a tutorial I did for this hairdo:

All three hairdos worked really well. The helmets fit over the braids, and there was no hair on the face. The braids didn’t get messed up when the girls took their hats off,  put them back on and off again…
We came home quite late and didn’t have time to wash the hair and do new braids before bedtime, but these ones lasted well for the next school day.

Five beautiful hairdos

Lace braid around the head into a french braidCouple of weeks ago I was staying at my sister’s and had the opportunity to try some of my favorite braids on her.

Adult hair can be challenging as well, my sister’s is quite slippery, and she is growing out her fringe, but at least she sits still when I do her hair.

The first one is a lace braid going around the head, and catching all the short hair at the front. After going around the whole head, I turned and french braided the rest of the hair from left to right.

The double starburst bun is probably my favorite braid at the moment. My sister and mum were taking my bigger girls to see the National Ballet, so she needed a beautiful hairstyle, and this seemed perfect:

double french french braid bun

Most of these (apart from the ballet hair) I made the night before, so that we didn’t need to get up too early in the morning to do hair. The braids lasted really well on her, much better than on a child!

Below left, is a kind of a ladder braid, which I’ve tried on my daughters before. I still think that it is very difficult on anyone else except my oldest daughter with super thick hair, but it worked out OK on my sister.

Below right is two spiral braids, which you can do on any hair (I have done this one successfully on thin and short hair). You start from the middle and lace braid around and around. On my sister’s hair do, I did two spirals and tied them back, so from the top it was a heart-shape.

ladder braid     spiral braids tied together at the back

french braids into lace braid bowBy the time my sister had walked around with nice hairdos for a week, people started suggesting hairdos for us to try… This was supposed to be two french braids from the top down and from the bottom up, tied together into a (non-braided) bow. Her hair was not long enough to make a simple non-braided bow, so I did two bow-shaped lace braids and twisted the ends of the braids around. It ended up looking quite a lot like a butterfly:

Can you see the difference?

Can you guess which one of these braids was done by mum and which one by dad? If not, I think this is a perfect ”daddy-do”.

two half up pull-up braids


Me and my husband did the same braid on two of our daughters… Apart from one having thicker hair than the other, I don’t think there is much difference between them.

To make this, you just take three strands of hair from the front, do a normal braid with those strands (right to middle, left to middle and so on). When you have braided the hair till the end, get a good hold of one of the strands and pull the rest of the braid upwards, adjust a bit to make it even, and finally secure with an elastic.

I love this braid as it is simple, but always gets compliments for being a bit different.


Quick and easy

I haven’t posted anything this week, as I have been busy with taking the kids to school and all the after-school activities… If anyone else has been as busy, here are some quick fixes for the school mornings:

easy and quick 2 little braids into one This one is super easy: just do two basic braids, then tie them together at the back. I used a very small hairband and then took a strand of hair from the ponytail, wrapped it around the hairband and attached with a see-through elastic.

This hairdo took me about two minutes to do. It looked nice for the whole day. The next day I tied all the loose hair and the little braid into a ponytail, which was also a nice hairdo, and a bit different from the day before.

half up do with two fishtail braidsA variation of the above hairstyle: do the same, but instead of basic 3-strand braids, do two little fishtail braids. This one takes slightly longer, as fishtail braids always do, but I was still able to make this in under 5 minutes.


How to make a starburst braid

lacebraid headband into starburst bun lacebraid headband into starburst bun

Every time I make a ”starburst” braid, I get so many people asking how to do it. Even strangers on the street stop to ask whether the hair goes to the middle or comes from there… So I finally decided to do some step-by-step pictures.

how to do a starburst braid

I started with a lace braid headband to keep hair out of the face.

After I braided from left ear to the right (adding hair from the right only), I put a clip on the braid and made a little ponytail in the middle of the rest of the hair, leaving some loose hair all around.

You don’t have to do the first part of the braid (the lace braid headband), you could just start by making a ponytail in the middle of the head and leaving some loose hair all around the ponytail.

Next, unclip the braid and start french braiding it. Every time you add hair strands to the braid from the left, add it from the ponytail. And when you add hair from the right, add it from the loose hair around the ponytail.

Carry on french braiding around the ponytail, picking up loose hair to add to the right side of the braid and hair from the ponytail to add to the left.

Once you’ve braided all around, finish with a normal 3 strand braid. Then tuck the braid inside the french braid, and secure with couple of bobby pins.

So, it’s not as complicated as it looks. It’s a bit tricky to make the ponytail in the beginning, and you might need some practice to find out how thick the strands of hair should be,  when you add hair from the ponytail. The model here is my eldest daughter with incredibly thick hair, but I need to do quite a lot thinner strands on the other two girls. And the outcome looks quite different, but still nice.

When you master this, you can do the beautiful starburst double bun: french braid into two french braid buns

At least the hair looked nice

A few minor back-to-school disasters yesterday: had one girl there at the wrong time (luckily too early), forgot their snack boxes (saved by husband who ran back home for them), forgot quite a few items from the list to bring to school, and in the evening, tried to cover the notebooks with plastic, and got it all wrinkled. And after all that, I had another accident with not reading the label on my hair wax and makeup remover containers, this time with waxy eyes! Clearly too tired after the first day!

But the main thing was: they both enjoyed school very much AND their hair looked nice 🙂 :

two dutch lace braids back to school hairfrench braids made with five strands, back-to-school-hair

The first one of these is very easy, and could even do it in the morning (but we did all the hair the night before). It’s two little dutch lace braids. That’s a lace braid, but  instead of moving hair strands form the side over to the middle, you move from the side UNDER to the middle. So like an inverted braid.

The second one is more tricky, and requires some practice. I’ve made two french braids, but with 5 strands instead of 3. I did this first time about a week ago and ended up with loose braids that fell apart, but after trying a few times, I’ve mastered the 5-strand french braiding. You might want to start with making simple braids with 5 strands first (here is a link to a tutorial on a simple 5 strand braid, which I found on YouTube).

Amazing french braid double bun

The other day, someone asked us if we were Russian. ”I thought because of the braids”, she said. And she had a point: the Russians do make the best braids! So I spent a lot of time last week on YouTube, going through Russian hairstyle videos. Here is a french braid double bun, that I learned:

french braid into two french braid buns french braid head band into two buns

I really love this hairdo, looks even better in real life, and what’s best, you only need some french braiding experience and a bit of patience (for both braider and braidee) to do this.

Often the tutorials on YouTube make any hairstyle look easy, but when you try it, the braid turns out loose, it’s impossible to hold together, or you get the hair or your fingers tangled… This one, however, is as easy as it looks on the video (which is not to say that it is very easy, but you get what you see on the video). So, if you want to try it, here is a link to the video: french braid double bun

I did this on my oldest daughter, who has very thick hair, but I don’t think thick hair is the key to success with this hairdo. Normal hair, 5-10 cm down from the shoulders should be fine.

The braid lasted well for the day, even though she was running and climbing at the playground. It fell apart  bit over night, but still looked ok after I added a few bobby pins. Got destroyed at the swimming pool though.