Avainsana: quick and easy hairdos

5-minute braids

I have promised to be braiding at the Christmas market in a couple of week’s time to raise some money for the Finnish school. There will be limited time and loads of people, so I need to be able to do quick braids that are pretty enough for everyone to want! So that’s the reason I haven’t posted anything for almost a week: I’ve been practising quick braids. I’ve braided with a stop watch and here are a few that I am now able to do in 5 minutes:

lace braid around the head

If you want to be quick, you choose a hairstyle that doesn’t require parting the hair in any way. The first one is a dutch lace braid going around the head, so almost like a normal lace braid, but doing it inside out.

Three little dutch lace braids on the side dutch lace braid headband

So I decided that dutch lace braids were quick and pretty, and did another one with three little braids on the side. The third is a dutch lace braid headband. Just like a lace braid headband, but inverted.

Two lace braids down the sides

Two braids down the sides is also quite a quick hairdo, especially if you do the parting slightly to the side, so you don’t spend any time trying to get it perfectly in the middle. Two normal french braids are a bit too ordinary for me, so I made two lace braids down the sides.

My daughter loved this hairstyle and called it indian hair.

Little flowers made out of hairThe last one is my first ever attempt at these little flowers. They are quick to make, but impossible to undo without pulling loads of hair out! Also, I didn’t quite like how they turned out, so I think I’ll need some more practice on this one.

If anyone can think of any quick but impressive hairdos, please let me know, I think I need some more ideas!

Another quick one

two 4-strand slide up braids tied back into oneContinuing from last week’s quick and easy hairdos… Here’s one that you will need to practise a little bit, but once you’ve got it, it’s fast, easy and impressive.

Cute Girls Hairstyles did a one-sided version of this, and I think Mindy explains it so well, that there is no point of me trying to do instructions, click here for a link to CuteGirlsHairstyles video tutorial on the 4-strand slide-up braid. When you do this 4 strand braid, there is one strand that will never get to the outer side, in the end you hold onto that strand and slide the rest of the braid up (this will all make sense if you watch Mindy’s video tutorial)

So, for my version, I just did the 4-strand slide-up braid on both sides, and tied it back. I love this one because it looks a bit unusual and makes people look twice.

You will need reasonably long hair for this one, a bit below shoulders, to be ably to have long enough braids to ”slide up”. Also, the problem with smaller kids is, that the hair easily sticks out from the middle, but to prevent that, you could tie all the hair and the little braid into a low ponytail at the back.