Avainsana: butterfly braid

Christmas parties

Been busy with all the December happenings… Here are a few hairstyles we’ve done for various Christmas parties.

First, there was a party where we were going to by car, and it was indoors, so we could do almost anything with the hair.

When I said I’d do any hairstyle they wanted, my middle daughter instantly requested the butterfly braid. For my oldest girl, I did a ladder braid, and my smallest had a braided headband with some curls from the previous braid.

Butterfly lacebraid bun ladder braid, no heat curls, butterfly bun

The next party was a bit trickier. The girls were going to do a little song and dance performance with santa hats on. So the hairdo had to look nice even with a hat on… So these chinese ladder braids were quite good for that: they looked nice even when most of the head was under the hat, and were a bit more interesting than normal braids:

two chinese ladder braids

This morning was the last of the Christmas events: the Christmas Carols at the school. It was outside, and the girls were going to school first, so potential for messing up any hairdo before the event. It was also cold and wet, so hats on, and no curls… And an early morning, so no time for hair in the morning!

For my 1st grader, I just did some tight french braids last night. For the 4th grader, I found a nice hairdo from @abellasbraids on Instagram: two dutch braid headbands into pigtails and then making mini twists with the hair in the pigtails. This was easy, but a bit time consuming to make, and lasted really well.

The first picture below was taken last night, and the second one this morning after she slept with the braids.

two dutch braid headbands into pigtails and mini twists two dutch braid headbands into pigtails and mini twists

Birthday butterfly

I was flicking through braids on Instagram to find something quick and pretty for my daughter’s birthday party, and she spotted the butterfly braid on @abellasbraids. I realized that’s not quick, and on the first attempt, probably not pretty either, but she asked nicely, and it was her birthday… So I decided to try it, and thought, if it takes the whole morning and I don’t have time to clean the house before the party, at least the butterfly on her head will divert the attention.

It took me about 15-20 minutes and I was going back and forth a bit to get the wings to look right… but it turned out alright.

butterfly braid

Here is a link to Abellas Braids tutorial. On the first attempt, it’s not as easy as it seems on the video!!

My daughter loved it! After I finished, my youngest daughter sat on the chair in front of me and said she also wanted a butterfly! I put her hair on a ponytail and put a butterfly hairclip on it, took me 1 minute!